Over twelve million people across the world play League of Legends every day. It’s not just the variety of obstacles that keep the player engaged, but also the surprises and difficulties that will keep even the most ardent gamer riveted. Even after three years of playing, I’m still hooked!

Keep reading this article if you’re hoping to get influence points in League of Legends (also known as IP).

IP determines the power of your summon. If you performed well in the Justice Fields you will be ranked higher here. If you play Fields of Justice for a long period and have high-quality teammates, you’ll have a better chance of obtaining influence points.

It is a video game in which two teams of champions strive to eradicate the opposing team’s Nexus first. Many barriers and minions await you as you make your way toward the opposing nexus. The game revolves on a series of areas, known as the Fields of Justice, where you may compete against other gamers.

There are a variety of ways to use influence points in the game. For example, if you have enough IP points, you will be able to permanently unlock champions, giving you a significant edge over your opponents. Thus, by unlocking other champions, you’ll be able to expand your abilities and choose an intimidating opponent to face off against.

Runes may be purchased for a champion you already have a soft spot for in the game with influence points. You may use runes to increase the power and strength of your champion. League of Legends guides will teach you how to earn more runes and how to optimize your team’s effectiveness.

There is a time limit as well as a basic limitation on the number of IP points that may be earned. Bonuses can be earned if you win every 24 hours, for instance. To get IP, play a game every day.

If you want to truly master League of Legends, you’ll need to learn a lot more than this tutorial can teach you. Read a long-term LoL player’s guide to get more information about the game.