The Powerball drawing is done every Saturday night and Wednesday night right at the Central Time of 10:12 PM. This drawing is conducted at one of the most popular destinations in Orlando, Florida. It is the Universal Studios. But you can see the drawing right from the comfort of your home through various channels. The numbers are announced on – the official website of Powerball, television, online, and newspapers (Thursday and Sunday).


To win the maximum value i.e. the jackpot of the lottery game, you have to match all the five white-colored balls along with the one red-colored ball correctly. But there is no guarantee that someone will win the jackpot. It is very much possible that no one has picked all the winning numbers correctly. In that case, the jackpot gets rolled over to the next drawing. Hence, you have the chance to win more than the actual jackpot amount in the next lottery drawing.


As the jackpot amount gets increased, more and more people start buying tickets for the lottery. This results in different combinations of the numbers being sold. As the combination increases, the chances of finding a winner also increase. So, it is almost impossible to have a drawing without a winner the next time. The actual jackpot prize of the Powerball lottery game is $40 million. When the jackpot is not awarded, it increases by at least $10 million every time. In this way, the jackpot has the chance to reach about $100 million or even more.


The largest jackpot won, as of the year 2016, is over $1.5 billion dollars. But the best part is that even you don’t win the jackpot, you can win other prizes too. In every Powerball drawing, you will be able to win cash prizes worth about $4 to $2,000,000. The prices vary depending on your guesses as well as on the Power Play you choose. All the details about the prizes are provided below.